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Crazy Football!

Crazy Football! is a two player sports party game where players must score points by being the last one to touch the ball before it fall in the water. The player with the most points when time runs out wins!


Player 1
Player 2
Movement - WASD
Movement - Arrow keys/Numpad
Kick - Left Shift
Kick - Enter
Jump - Space
Jump - Right Control

Escape - Toggle Pause



Score points by being the last one to touch the ball before it falls into the water - kicking the ball will count as touching the ball!

If the other player falls into the water, you score a point!

Power Ups

Power Ups will spawn in the middle of the platform every 5 seconds. If you already have a power up when you pick one up, you will get the new power up.

  • POINT STEALER - with this power up, you can steal a point from the other player by bumping into them
  • INVINCIBILITY - this power up will protect you by ensuring that the other player will not score a point the next time you fall into the water
  • FREEZE - with this power up, you can freeze the other player for 3 seconds by bumping into them

You will lose your power up if you fall into the water!


The ball needs to hit the ground at least once before you can score points from it. 

It will change colour to reflect who touched it last. 


Be defensive by avoiding the other player and collecting INVINCIBILITY power ups or be aggressive by stealing points with POINT STEALER power ups and freezing the other player with FREEZE power ups.


Initial project provided by Search for a Star.

Designed and developed using Unity and Visual Studio by Kathleen Bruce.

Music created using Audio Tool by Kathleen Bruce.

Sound effects created using BFXR by Kathleen Bruce.

Average sessionA few seconds
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


Crazy Football! 14 MB
Crazy Football - Documentation 352 kB